Complying with LL84: Part Four – Benchmarking compliance services

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The Network has been looking into what it takes to comply with Local Law 84, a new NYC regulation requiring owners to benchmark their buildings that are over 50,000 square feet.  View our previous coverage of LL84 , or read on to learn about some of the companies that can help you to comply and to get the most out of benchmarking.

Part Four: Benchmarking compliance services

We have researched a few companies that offer benchmarking services to get an idea of the types of services provided. The inclusion of these firms is not an endorsement and there are many reputable companies not covered here.  Let us know if you are familiar with a company that we have not listed here  – or share your experience if you have already engaged a service.  It will help the Network to expand our information base.   Lastly, if you have questions about any of these services, please leave us a comment or email the Green Housing Initiative – Ariel Krasnow, Johanna Walczyk or Sally Larsen. Company descriptions start after the jump!

Bright Power, Inc.

Bright Power provides energy consulting, design and installation services in New York City and nationally, and has substantial experience with affordable multi-family housing audits, feasibility studies and systems design. One of Bright Power’s core products is EnergyScoreCards, an online software program designed to track multi-family building energy consumption over time to give building owners insight into how their properties use energy, how their energy costs relate to their usage, whether they are performing well compared to similar properties in New York City; they can even compare current use to pre-retrofit usage.

Bright Power’s benchmarking service is based on the EnergyScoreCards—Bright Power enters building data into EnergyScoreCards for more useful and informative analysis than what is provided through standard Portfolio Manager benchmarking. The data is automatically transferred from EnergyScoreCards into Portfolio Manager for regulatory compliance. Included in the cost of benchmarking services is a year’s access to EnergyScoreCards (typically worth $500) and post-benchmarking meetings with Bright Power to help you understand your buildings’ performance.

Bright Power offers a discounted rate for Network members—please contact the Network for more information.

Steven Winter Associates, Inc.

Steven Winter Associates (SWA), is well known for its research, design and consulting on high-performance buildings.  For benchmarking, SWA will meet to discuss the services available and agree on an approach; then they gather information about your building. If you don’t know its gross square footage, SWA can measure it for you, either on-site or through computer-based GPS. To supply the necessary information on building characteristics, you can fill out SWA’s user-friendly worksheet, or a representative can make a site visit to walk through the building with you to collect it. SWA will then enter the information into the Portfolio Manager tool and submit it for you.  The cost of SWA’s benchmarking services varies depending on the complexity of the building and the optional services selected. Owners that benchmark multiple buildings are eligible for a per-building discount.

After a benchmarking report is filed, you will have options for learning more about your building performance. SWA can transfer your building’s energy consumption data into a building performance tracking system like Bright Power’s EnergyScoreCards or WegoWise (described below).  These services require an additional fee, which you can inquire about. SWA provides access to your EPA Portfolio Manager account so that you can continue to enter your utility information and maintain an updated profile of your building.

The Community Preservation Corporation

The Community Preservation Corporation (CPC) is a private, not-for-profit corporation that finances new construction and green retrofits of properties in New York City. CPC will send the building owner a worksheet based on the information required by Portfolio Manager, including gross square footage. When the owner sends it back, CPC will enter the data into Portfolio Manager for you. CPC is offering benchmarking at a rate of $400 per building, or $1,000 for three buildings, regardless of the project’s level of complexity

For more information on this service, or to contact one of CPC’s field offices, visit:

IntelliGreen Partners, LLC

IntelliGreen Partners (IGP) is an NYC energy efficiency consulting firm to multifamily and commercial building owners. IGP provides personalized one-on-one assistance to assemble your building’s space use attributes and building systems data required for Local Law 84/09 Benchmarking. IGP works with an energy engineering firm, designated as a NYSERDA partner, to oversee the measuring and benchmarking process. IGP provides access to the Portfolio Manager account so you can do the benchmarking yourself in future years. Pricing varies based on the building’s characteristics and the level of service being provided.

IGP uses the building’s baseline performance benchmarked results as a tool to educate you on the merits of doing an energy audit (and comply with Local Law 87/09 on energy auditing and retro-commissioning), and helps you discover ways to save money by reducing your energy costs. The service guides you through the complex process of analyzing and prioritizing the audit’s energy efficiency recommendations, and assists you in accessing the multiple public and private funding sources available to pay for any improvements.

For more information, please contact


WegoWise is a Boston-based company whose main product is a tool to track and evaluate the energy and water use in affordable, multi-family buildings. Their core service is linking automatically to a building’s utility bills, displaying your consumption and costs over time in an intuitive online format, and numerically comparing a given building’s use to other buildings in your portfolio and to other, similar buildings in their database. WegoWise is offering benchmarking services to help New York City buildings comply with LL84, and a year’s subscription to the premium version of their tracking service is included; fees vary, but can be as low as $60 per building if you are benchmarking many buildings. This service is fairly new, and the Network has not yet investigated their benchmarking service, but we will update this document when we know more. In the meantime, visit to learn more. 

The Network composed a memo on WegoWise’s standard utility tracking service, which we can send you upon request.

Stay tuned for Section 5: Questions to consider when selecting a benchmarking compliance service


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