Network Green Housing Initiative

The Green Housing Initiative at the Supportive Housing Network of New York is devoted to improving the environmental impact of our supportive housing members while reducing their utility costs. Supportive housing is a successful, cost-effective combination of affordable housing with services that helps people live more stable, productive lives. The Network represents almost 200 providers of supporting housing in New York State, with over 42,000 units statewide.

Supportive housing developers are aware of the environmental impact of their buildings; they want to conserve energy and resources and create healthier environments for their residents.  Energy costs are also a burden on shrinking budgets, but through capital improvements, tenant education and staff training they can increase energy efficiency, improve quality of life and impact broader environmental goals. The Network Green Housing Initiative is designed to assist supportive housing providers to:

  • Identify and navigate resources that can improve the energy efficiency of their buildings
  • Change tenant behavior to support environmental sustainability, from energy conservation to recycling
  • Adapt facilities management procedures to reflect environmental and public health priorities

Above all, we envision sustainability not as a set of practices but as a way of life – a culture that permeates the daily routine of supportive housing sites.

This blog will be a centralized resource for information relevant to this mission. We’ll be posting opportunities like environmental conferences and green program funding announcements, and profiling the benefits and challenges that supportive housing providers are experiencing as they embrace sustainability. We will also be holding a larger conversation about the issues that environmental and affordable housing advocates are facing around the world – how should we communicate about sustainability? How can we measure environmental impact? How should we square sustainability with the bottom line?

We invite you to join in this discussion by leaving comments on our posts, or to email the Sustainability Initiative at


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