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Upcoming event: Shifting our own behavior toward sustainability

How’s your commitment to green going?

Signing online petitions? Check.

Voting for candidates who support green policies? Check.

Shaking fist angrily at the nearby factory/coal plant/landfill? You know it.

But what about giving up your car? Going vegetarian? Boycotting packaged products? Having fewer children? A lot of well-meaning concern for the environment and human-kind’s sustainable future can get lost in the transition from the big picture to the small picture (you!)

This isn’t the end of the world; some research suggests that the energy saved through the implementation of environmental policies and regulations may far outweigh the savings from individual’s conscious actions (this question is debated here, especially in Jason Pontin’s piece). However, in the absence of political action, individuals stepping forward may be the best chance we’ve got. And anyway, in many cases living green is its own reward.

While we at the Green Housing Initiative have grown unconscionably neglectful of the green events page, we didn’t want you to miss this upcoming panel about changing our daily habits to promote sustainability. It will be held tomorrow night at powerHouse Arena in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Read the full details here, and (re)commit yourself to environmental action on the individual level.


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