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“Up on the Roof” workshop a success

Yesterday the Network and its partner organizations hosted the seventh installment in this year’s Managing Lean and Green workshop series. This month’s panel answered the question, “How can affordable housing go green on the roof?” Our speakers covered the gamut of options, from DIY cool roof painting projects to genuine forest environments atop a concrete building. You can view their PowerPoint presentations below.

Green Roof Insights,” Jack Coogan, PR.A., LEED GA; Partner (OCV Architects)

Cool Roofs,” Loretta Tapia, Site Supervisor Coordinator (Green City Force/NYC Cool Roofs)

Green Roofs,” Dwaine Lee, Green Infrastructure Professional & Consultant; Field Manager (Sustainable South Bronx)


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Up on the Roof: A Green Workshop

If you own or manage a building in New York City, it’s likely that you know a thing or two about managing space. With land at such a premium, New Yorkers are skilled at squeezing every last bit of functionality out of the space we have – extra storage space in a strange basement nook, a bathtub in the kitchen – whatever it takes. But there’s one spot that you may have given up on, or never even considered – your rooftop.

The Network and our partners will host a workshop next Wednesday to introduce affordable multi-family housing owners, developers and managers to the myriad uses for roofs. Speakers will discuss how you can put your roof to good use as a blue roof (managing stormwater), cool roof (reducing heating bills and the urban heat island effect) or green roof (reducing heating bills, managing stormwater and creating recreational space).


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Funding Available for Green Infrastructure Projects!

Good news for those who have been thinking of implementing green projects at their buildings – New York City is offering grants for private property owners, businesses and 501(c)(3) organizations to build several types of green infrastructure. Eligible projects will help to reduce or manage the stormwater runoff that leads to combined sewer overflow in the city’s waterways.

 Ten project types are eligible for funding, including green roofs and rain barrels. (more…)

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