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NYC Water Rates to Increase by 7.5% in July

The New York City Deparment of Environmental Protection announced last week that the cost of water will go up by 7.5 percent for fiscal year 2012 (July 2011 – June 2012). The new rate will be approximately $8.02 per 100 cubic feet (748 gallons).

The DEP points out that the actual increase is lower than they had projected last year – 7.5% rather than 11.5%, and that customers can reduce costs by 2% by signing up for paperless billing and direct debit payments. Still, average annual costs for multi-family housing will rise from $531 to $571 per unit, according to the DEP (costs for supportive housing units may be lower than costs for overall multi-family housing, due to the lower average occupancy rate).

The bad news is that higher water rates may stress supportive housing budgets at a time when they can least afford it. The good news is that there are actions you can take to mitigate the effects of the rate increase. (more…)


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CFL light bulbs – give a little, get a lot

For the past several years, compact fluorescent light bulbs, like many of the mainstays on the green building scene, have offered buyers the delayed return phenomenon: compared to the alternatives, they cost more upfront, but the savings that consumers will reap in operating costs will compensate for the upfront premium many, many times over. It’s always been true that using CFLs or other efficient light bulbs rather than traditional incandescent bulbs is a smart economic choice in the long run. But in the last year or two, some CFL prices have dropped so low that they’re nearly comparable to incandescents in upfront costs. (more…)

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